Master of Science Program (with Thesis)
Compulsory Courses
34403001-General Management Information
34403002-General Management Information (Practice)
34403003-Health Legislation
34403019-Research Methods in Health Sciences
34403021-Total Quality Management
Elective Courses
34404001-Hospital Management
34404002-Hospital Management (Practice)
34404005-Pharmaceutical Legislation
34404007-Labor Law
34404009-Social Pharmacy-I
34404011-Management Problems in Pharmaceutical Industry
34404012-Management Problems in Pharmaceutical Industry (Practice)
34404013-Marketing Problems in Pharmaceutical Industry
34404014-Marketing Problems in Pharmaceutical Industry (Practice)
34404015-Pharmacy Ethics
34404017-Management of Hospital Pharmacy
34404018-Management of Hospital Pharmacy (Practice)
34404019-Pharmacy Practice in terms of the European Union and Turkey
34404021-Pharmacist Patient Communication and Rational Drug Use
34404023-Management in Pharmaceutical Industry
34404024-Management in Pharmaceutical Industry (Practice)
34404025-Marketing in Pharmaceutical Industry
34404026-Marketing in Pharmaceutical Industry (Practice)
34404027-Pharmaceutical Management
34404028-Pharmaceutical Management (Practice)

Master of Science Program (without Thesis)
Compulsory Lessons
34405000-Term Project
34405001-General Management Information
34405002-General Management Information (Practice)
34405003-Research Methods in Health Sciences
34405005-Total Quality Management
34405007-Price Formation in Pharmaceutical-Licensing
Optional Lessons
34406001-Hospital Management
34406002-Hospital Management (Practice)
34406005-Pharmaceutical Legislation
34406007-Labor Law
34406009-Social Pharmacy-I
34406011-Management Problems in Pharmaceutical Industry
34406012-Management Problems in Pharmaceutical Industry (Practice)
34406013-Marketing Problems in Pharmaceutical Industry
34406014-Marketing Problems in Pharmaceutical Industry (Practice)
34406015-Pharmacy Ethics
34406017-Management of Hospital Pharmacy
34406018-Management of Hospital Pharmacy (Practice)
34406019-Pharmacy Practice in terms of the European Union and Turkey
34406021-Pharmacist Patient Communication and Rational Drug Use
34406023-Management in Pharmaceutical Industry
34406024-Management in Pharmaceutical Industry (Practice)
34406025-Marketing in Pharmaceutical Industry
34406026-Marketing in Pharmaceutical Industry (Practice)
34406027-Pharmaceutical Management
34406028-Pharmaceutical Management (Practice)

Doctor of Science Program

Compulsory Courses

Elective Courses