History of Pharmacy, Deontology and Pharmacy Laws courses were started to be given in our Faculty by Pham. Şevket YAĞTU in 1964. At that date these courses were connected to the Dean and then in 1971 they were connected to the Department of Pharmacognosy. These courses had been given by Lecturer Pham. Şevket YAĞTU until 1980, after his death the courses started to be given by Assoc. Dr. Eriş ASİL.

Department of History of Pharmacy was established on 05.05.1981 but then by the enforcement of the Higher Education Act (Law no. 2547) in 1981, this department was connected to the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology by the name of History of Pharmacy and Management Department. The first head of Department was Assoc. Dr. Eriş ASİL. This department converted to the Department of Pharmacy Management by the Council of Higher Education decision since 08.05.1993. The head of Department was Prof. Dr. Eriş ASİL until 2007, due to the retirement of him, Prof. Dr. Sevgi ŞAR has been working as the head of department since 2007.

The Orientation to Pharmacy, History of Pharmacy and Deontology, Pharmacy Law and Management, General Ethics undergraduate degree’s courses and graduate education are given by this department. And studies of this department is generally includes the social pharmacy, pharmacy management, history of pharmacy, pharmacy ethics and law.